Monday, 27 June 2011

Our Perth baby.

My Toy shopping expedition went well and I was happy with the savings I made. Myers did a great job, they had employed youngsters, dressed as fairies, who could direct one to the exact place to recover the desired gift. My shopping was done and paid for in less than 45 minutes.
Rosebud did not have an easy time the first five months of her pregnancy. It was, therefore, lucky that we were close at hand. September saw Buster christened and celebrate his first birthday. A very happy day with all the friends and their children tucking into cake and other little treats.
Buster enjoyed Christmas, 2009, the only little one in the family, who ran around helping us all open our gifts. He was dressed up in a white little suit with a Christmas motif on it and a cute Santa hat . He was spoilt by us all.
 Miss Muffet arrived on the 4th January 2010, a small but healthy baby girl. So soft and sweet,0.5cm longer than her brother and also a few grams heavier. Fortunately Rosebud had wonderful Midwives in attendance who supported her and offered help and advice on the much debated Breast Feeding matter. Well the darling girl tried her best but she didn't make it this time either. A much better experience though, because she wasn't made to feel a failure and a bad mother like her first experience in Melbourne. The West sure is the best and I am so glad that she had such a pleasant experience the second time around.
Upon discharge she was calm and confident that she'd manage the new baby and bottle feeding again and with the help of her husband they settled into life with as good as two babies.
Was lovely to watch them as a family and one is amazed at how different each babies' progress can be.
We feel most fortunate to have been able to bond closely with both Buster and Miss Muffet and it would be my wish that all grandparents are afforded the same privilege. Lynnie

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