Friday, 17 June 2011

Babyboomergran's first Installment

Hi, I'm  fairly new to being a grand parent and am finding it both challenging and fun. I keep in touch with several of my friends from days gone by. It is because of comments from them that I decided to write a blogg and so save my experiences with and thoughts about my grandchildren as the years go by. As I start to forget things I think it will be nice to have some memories somewhere!
I find such a difference in the modern way of raising children to the way us babyboomers raised ours. We just seemed to "get on with it" whilst the general buzz around our children seems to be, " what does the book say?" Buster is two years and nine months old now and Miss Muffet is 17 months old. Only 15 months apart and these past 17 months have been a very hard slog for my daughter and son-in-law. As a result my husband and I have been very involved helping out when needed. It is a blessing to have grandchildren, sort of a reward for not killing our own kids!! They have got to know us and are happy to come and stay the night so their parents can have a night off and enjoy the long forgotten  "sleep in " the next morning. We seem to be able to tire the little ones out easier than their parents taking them to the park for a play or a ride on the bus/train. The big back garden is all one really needs to entertain such young children as they can run around on the lawns, touch flowers and get messy in the harden beds. Miss Muffet is nearly always asleep again when her parents arrive late morning to fetch them.
So till next time, when I shall endeavour to comment on various other experiences, I some one may enjoy my first attempt. Any comments will be welcomed and i am sure helpful too. 


  1. Nice blog, Lynnie! Something to look forward to ???

  2. Thanks for reading.Take care Bob

  3. Well done on a very professional website, I love it. Look forward to following this blog and good luck managing Miss Muffet and balancing Buster!!