Saturday, 18 June 2011

Going back to the beginning

I became a Gran for the first time during the Hype of AFL (Australian Rules Football ) Finals, in Melbourne, between Geelong and Hawthorn in September 2008.  Buster arrived by Caesarian Section on 23rd, a normal baby who ticked all the boxes, fingers, toes and reflexes etc. I must say it wasn't that easy to watch my child walk down the corridor to the theatres knowing exactly what lay ahead. See, most of my career has been spent working in the Operating Theatres so I imagined everything that could possibly go wrong! Both sets of grandparents were there and it was very special to be part of such a joyous occasion, to look at that tiny, new little person who, unknowingly, was the cause of such happiness. When I held him for the first time and looked into his eyes I felt that, now, I would live forever! The new little family stayed in the Hospital and us grandparents stayed in their home which allowed me to be able to enjoy the sites of Melbourne. Both Mothers cooked food that could be frozen so that the kids could settle down and not worry about food for the first week or so and we visited as often as Rosebud wanted us to and was permissible by the Hospital.
In consultation with Rosebud, I had arranged to stay with them for two days after her discharge. I felt it was important that they settle in without any interference to their new way of life with their little one. I was also determined not to be in the home when they arrived from the Hospital and had arranged to cook the lunch and head out to Prahan Markets, a favourite place of mine, for a few hours. Breast feeding was not going well at all and Rosebud didn't get much help or advice from the Hospital staff  I am afraid to have to say, neither did she from the Breast feeding help line that didn't even bother to call back in answer to messages left. As I was heading out the door my son-in-law called to ask me, please, not to go out as they'd need my help. Happy to oblige of course so I waited for them and was able to take the first photos of their homecoming with their son for the first time, more memorable than going to Prahan! We went out and brought Formula and feeding bottles and the obligatory mechanical breast pump. I think that it was a comfort for my daughter to have me close at hand and by the time I had to return to Perth, leaving a somewhat apprehensive new Mum, she had mastered the Formula feeding routine. She is a great Mother, now battling the tantrum phase of Buster's life!
I am sure there are many proud grand parents who have lovely memories as well. Dream and enjoy, Lynnie       


  1. So proud to see you have already put up new blog posts! And I'm thoroughly enjoying reading them. Sounds like you were the perfect support as a grandmother, good on you. Will look forward to reading your future posts!

  2. Thank you reading and for your comment, Amanda.