Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Back to the West.

We continued to visit Melbourne as often as was possible, amazing how quickly babies grow. By the second visit Buster was already on solids. We were delighted when Rosebud told us that they were planning to come and live in Perth. It was a very brave and generous decision by our son-in-law as he was an Eastern States boy and hadn't been to Perth before he met our daughter. They arrived in the April of 2009 and settled within 12 km of our suburb.Rosebud was in her element re-connecting with all her school/ballet/sailing friends, all of whom had a child or two or at least expecting their first . It was lovely to see all the girls we knew and watched grow up together again. They are a wonderful group of caring young ladies who support each other.

We started to enjoy happy times together again without the need to jump on an aeroplane, family dinners and the likes. They hadn't been here more than a month when one night at dinner Rosebud refused a glass of wine and told us that they were to be parents again! They were shocked and their world thrown into a it of a spin for a while but eventually they settled and saw it as a blessing and something that was just meant to be. Our first "Mother's" day together and Mum and GG (Gran) was very memorable, spent by the river in East Fremantle on a beautiful sunny Sunday.
I'm off toy shopping now as the specials are on, I'm sure many of us look out for the mid year clearances and keep the items hidden away till Birthdays/Christmas arrive. So till next time when I remember the arrival of our Miss Muffet, take care and have fun every day. Lynnie

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